Thursday, September 23, 2010

JPC (NZ) - Tin Man Friends EP

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There now follows a short history of Soundclick. Although its only a website among many, but still the largest unsigned gathering place on the web, Soundclick's ever-changing cast of characters have cast some pretty long shadows. Many veterans of a few years ago have become very famous indeed, although not in the conventional sense, because most of them are content to be underground legends, Soundclick has nurtured a great many in its time. The prime years (so far) of the site was between 2003-2006 when this site was packed to the gills with interesting, innovative musicians and I found it pays to keep watch on the comings and goings. John Paul Carroll (aka JPC (NZ)) has definitely been around the site long enough to qualify for a Long Service Medal (not to mention the gold clock) keeping a lot of people happy with his distinctive brand of rock. All the while gathering an influential group of freinds and fans alike, and that - my friends - is the way to do it. Slow and steady DOES win this race.

I've actually reviewed a major chunk of this five track EP in previous months but this is the whole experience and that's always a good excuse. I can't be arsed though to write another review for the tracks I have done, I'll just link to the original review. Dig Up, Stupid (January 2010) kicks off the EP and shows exactly why some people consider JP one of Soundclick's finer rockers and - God bless him - he does it in such a distinctive way that - I think - is the hallmark of a tried and true musician. Must Have track, as I said at the time and this new 256kbps version only point to that judgement. When the first track drops you bleeding to the ground, Exit Strategy proceeds to kick you to death to make sure you got the point. F.I.O.F.O is the third track and by this time you are either going to be in a state of rock bliss or you have no soul whatsoever.

Agreed. John Paul has often been said to be an acquired taste, but then there is a point where that becomes his TRUE voice and Tin Man Friends shows in every track that this is a musician at the peak of his rock game. He's spent years honing this particular sound and it shows in every loving note. Remember Me is the first track that I haven't heard before, and it's also the first chance to catch a breath after the all-out blitzkrieg of the first three tracks, but only a very short breath mind. Although this track differs slightly in feel from the other tracks it doesn't last long because his black rock heart ALWAYS takes over and pounding takes precedence. If you didn't get the point, Bad World is right there to add the final nails to this immense rock edifice. For my money this is one of the best projects I have ever heard from JPC, every track and in every way; a rock feast to have you choking with pleasure. JPC joins the big dogs at last, and that, to me, is the real prize of knowing a musician like JPC.

Truth? FIVE MUST HAVEs. Easy.

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