Friday, September 17, 2010

Bright Midnight - Hotel Saigon

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When I reviewed Bright Midnight's Floating Feather (Sleepy Mood) (July 2009) I had no idea what was being unleashed. For example, look at the date of that review, July 2009, a little over a year ago right? 12 months in a year... So how come I seem to have reviewed fourteen of the them? I know the Gilmore universe has some peculiarities but the science of numbers is universal - even in my wacked out world. The obvious point is that Bright Midnight are prodigiously prolific (Ed: please, not with the alliteration again...) and that - depending on your angle of approach can be either a good or bad thing. Certainly if you like good indie with a decidedly rock flavour, then its a very good thing.

Having said that, out of those fourteen there is only one that made a real lasting impression and that was Liberation (January 2010), a very different kind of track to the ones they usually deliver. Not that there is anything wrong with their tracks, Bright Midnight are a pretty good band by anybodies standards and maybe I expect more than I should but... Bright Midnight seem to have three main modes: alternative, classic rock and mid 1980's electronica and Hotel Saigon, even without regard to the lyrical subject matter, firmly belongs in late '60's rock music. The kind of track that evokes the whole Vietnam influence on rock in a way that I found really refreshing and I was around for the first showing so I know what things should sound like.

Damn, such authenticity makes me smack my lips with glee. (Ed: eeewwwwww)

Hotel Saigon is a song 'written about a wartime lovers' tryst in Saigon' and it's heavy rock approach and excellent lyrical vision really hammer the point home. It also points out to this reviewer that this may be a cracking live proposition. If you live in Texas, you would do well to be checking them out. You. All. What always makes listening to Bright Midnight pleasurable is the level of songwriting, especially lyrically and Hotel Saigon is a great example of what this band do best. The production is a bit slight for my tastes, IMHO this should be wide screen, big country stereo to really get the point across (and get that well deserved Must Have hint hint). No matter though, this is more than good enough for yer average rock fan.

Excellent evocation of a dark period. Highly Recommended.

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