Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just F.A.M (Freshset) - Grand Finale

Hear The Track Here

In case you were worrying (oh you were so!) Just F.A.M. (Freshset) 'is a group that consists of eXceL, K~Fr3sh, WildBoy Bloaw, and Kevin'. Ahh, so its hip hop then but I wonder what gave that away (places finger on chin). Mmmmmm. Although I've reviewed a few eXceL tracks this is the first Just F.A.M. (Freshset) track I've heard since I reviewed Dreamer (December 2009). That was my introduction to this group of NJ rappers, and bloody wonderful it was too. See as much as I appreciate the amount of good hip hop on Soundclick, I get a big buzz when I come across a track doing something different (and Dreamer does). Put it like this, I don't give out many Must Haves for unsigned hip hop but Dreamer managed it.

Finale is a piece of scoring software (yeah notes and stuff) that is becoming more and more common as a music program in its own right, having integrated music libraries from the Garritan Orchestral range, drumkits, percussion and what have you. Still, not something you would automatically associate with the rough and ready of hip hop is it? 'They used to say we couldn't make it...' the band says in the song comments, which to me is a balloon waiting to be popped. Gonna be a hard trick to pull off right? The good news is that Just FAM do exactly that, although I didn't come through without some reservations.

Now maybe the glory of Dreamer put stars in my eyes, and I expected more, or this is soooo different that it throws me. Some of the musical progressions sounded very formal to me too, and even a couple I found awfully familiar but that is Finale for you. The latter part of the track that just features the piano is considerably steadier in confidence and rap pacing, before it also gets buried under the orchestral load. Actually on that score, as someone who has used orchestral pieces in music, they don't do that bad... As always, these things take time. Ultimately though the truth that shone out of Dreamer is also here, these guys are class rappers and lyricists willing to be different enough. Top marks for that.

Highly Recommended for the rap.

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