Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nuff X - The Big Bang

Hear The Track Here

Well, well, look who we have here. Been a good long while since we've had an encounter with nuffcore (don't ask) and in fact the last time we encountered him was in a collaboration with (of all people) Charlie Armour. An odd sounding combination I'll grant you, with Charlie A being a classy, talented composer and Nuff being...well Nuff really. There is really no way to describe exactly what Nuff X does, he cuts, he pastes, he glitches, he throws in the odd squalling cat and drunken old wino and it comes out sounding ferking amazing; electronica par excellence. Although I should warn you that this is definitely not yer conventional electronica musician.

Nope, he's nuffcore to the core.

There has always been an edgy, punky experimental side to this musicians work that has always appealed to me, and that was the first thing I noticed missing from this - presumably - new track. Whether that is a good thing or a bad one is down to your knowledge of Nuffs work, but I'm sure his older fans won't be expecting something Musically it has much in common with 1980's electro bands such as Depeche Mode (yeah, yeah, I know but that's what I'm saying) and wouldn't seem out of place in the smartest of dance places. Now THAT boggles my ******* mind OK?

I suspect that I am spoiled by earlier exposure to this musician, and maybe he's exploring some other field, and it IS a fine piece of electronica, even if it is very conventional. He has given us some very nice IDM (intelligent dance music seeing as you asked) in the past and I guess that might well fit in that classification except for the melodies and feel which are dark electronica. I know it sounds odd on paper (as it were) but it does work surprisingly well, as several more plays showed quickly enough. Now that I am finally getting to the writing stage, I've grown quite fond of it, but my heart is still nuffcore....

Highly Recommended Electronic Breakbeat.

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