Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buzrk - Ku-De-Ta mixdown Rough Draft

Hear The Track Here

I think of all the hip hop rappers I have reviewed over the years, Florida's Buzrk has probably received the most critical flak from me. Like a lot of home producers, Buzrk has had to rely on bought music tracks although he does pick his music carefully, the problem comes with mixing the music with Buzrk's highly individual vocal rap style. Oh come, come that sounds well prissy. What I mean to say is that I think, for a rapper, Buzrk may well be an acquired taste and I just haven't got it. Out of the round dozen of tracks I have reviewed, only one or two have passed a certain level of confidence, THE essential element in this game.

I actually 'fessed up to this in my review of Torched In (July 2009), the last time I saw him but he obviously knows something I don't because here he is back, and with a new single to boot. As you can tell by the tentative nature of the title Ku-De-Ta is a bit rough. On a scale of one to ten where 10 is the roughest, its about a seven and again I should point out that the way Buzrk gets this down is basic and I mean that folks. No idea where the music samples came from but, to my ears, it sounds pretty professional and commercial so it may well be a factory track.

My real problem with this rapper however is the way he puts his rap across, sometimes it just doesn't flow at all. Not that it should matter to him, of course, he is entitled to do what he likes, but that's my opinion. He knows full well my opinion and I don't see much happening here that would change my opinion and I say that in the full knowledge that it will make no difference to Buzrk and that's as it should be. If Buzrk has an audience who like his style, then this will go down well because it features everything that makes him who he is. I have had many experiences where musicians fared worse than this and come back with something to really turn our heads and Buzrk is a confirmed tryer...

And maybe this was unlucky thirteen.

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