Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neil Alderson - Guiding Light

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Don't be giving me that wtf look, I find it unnerving. The reason I say you will know this next artist is because we know him better as Karma Police (UK) who you may remember I have reviewed a time or two. or if you want to be worryingly pedantic exactly five. Although he has been on Soundclick for a long time, Neil didn't get active with it on the forums until Angels Breathe (Ft LisaT) (December 2010) which in itself was a track from Soundclick circa 2004 when Lisa T was one of the major figures on this site and, of course, it gave me to the chance to engage in some serious wallowing in the stuff of legends and SC's august past. So, over the past year Neil has shown that Karma Police (UK) do come up with the goods so why the switch??

Cue the man...

'This is one of the first songs I recorded, and predates Karma Police' he says, while I gaze off into the middle distance. '. I've created a new artist for it and intend to record some more of my acoustic/guitar based stuff soon' he adds, in a desperate bid to capture my attention not understanding that I have none to capture. Although I knew Neil liked the smoother side of the musical street, I wasn't aware until now that underneath his manly frame beats the heart of a total, coochie-coo, fuzzie wuzzie, everybody hug softy. 'Mellow guitar based song' is what he says in the song comments and I do urge you to take that warning seriously especially if the sound of this is making you vomit. Don't go there.

If, however, you are also a softy and like all this cosy warmth then this track will give you a sugar high. An old track and a old recording apparently, made for the band he was in at the time but, I presume, never finished. While I openly admit that I have a low tolerance for mellow, it still wouldn't stop me appreciating the musical side of things. If I hadn't known the facts about the recording I would be commenting that the vocals definitely sounded home recorded, so I presume that is what Neil added when he did the remix. However, when push comes to shove the question remains, does the song cut it? Not for me, I'm afraid, as pleasant as it actually is, all a bit meandering, if you know what I mean. Again, like to hear something recent. A comment, I fear, Neil is becoming very familiar with.

Recommended smoochy Alternative.

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