Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jane Do3 - Babel Remix Feat Daddy Go Go

Hear The Track Here

Jane Doe if you speak proper English like wot I do (Ed: Oh good diction, that'll convince them) which, as you may know, is American cop speak for unknown female corpse and considering that this Jane is a winsome twenty one year old I doubt whether she is in any way corpse like. Not that I would know, you understand, being way across the other side of the pond and not even my nose is that big. Anyway, dragging ourselves from the slough of despond, she appears to be that elusive, nay virtually mythical, entity: a female rapper. So, pick your jaws back up and we'll move smartly on....

'Rap can be poetic if you do it right' Jane raps after Daddy Go Go had put his brothers right about the absence of decent female rappers and I can only agree wholeheartedly. Personally in this commercially driven genre, I don't find a lot to really like and when I do its usually because it features - in some way - elements of the musical roots it springs from. As you can tell, there are two versions of this, this one featuring more of Daddy Go Go than Jane and which ends mightly abruptly and the original which you can find on the Circa '94 "the Mixtape" project here.

If I had to give you a preference I would head directly for the mixtape because its much more what Jane is about. Much more to the point, Jane doesn't seem to have a Soundclick artist page and is there as a member only, so no remix for you lot unless Jane relents and starts up an artist page. Personally I think that would be worth it, not the least to give the guys on their a run for their money. More importantly, her work has an classic old school feel and her lyrics are cogent and meaningful. Sure the sound is a bit rough and things don't always jibe but hey, it's early days yet.

Female rap? Now there's a thing. Recommended Old School rap.

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