Saturday, March 13, 2010

JPC (NZ) - F.I.O.F.O

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Over the years I have developed a distinct regard for Soundclick musicians such as John Paul Carroll who, as it happens, come from New Zealand. JPC (NZ), as his bandname states doesn't mess about; he gets it said, gets it done and gets on with it. It's a quality that has always appealed to me, and is critical if your chosen musical path is straightforward, right in your face rock music that takes no prisoners. If there is one thing that has kept me solid with this musician all the time I have known him it is that dedication to his purpose, to rock out in his own style and the rest of us can go hang. One of my early comments about him was that he couldn't really carry the vocals, and obviously his voice couldn't change and yet, somehow, he still manages to come up with the goods time after time. As he says about this track 'just raisin' a little hell...' and that's fairly accurate description of what he does.

Like a lot of Soundclick artists, sometimes it takes a while to develop an ear to their particular style or range. Took me forever, for example, to realise just how good Cam's Even Song were because of that idiosyncratic style of singing he has, The same holds true for John Paul and I think I HAVE developed a taste for his vocals, ever since I realised how much like Status Quo he sounded at times. Don't look at me like that, don't you think I know how stupid that sounds? What comes from John Paul is always meticulously put together, rocks like a son of a female dog and as meaty as the bone said female dog chows down on. What really matters to really get JPC is to take it in as a whole, seamless which always but always has an intelligent, passionate song at the heart of it and FIOFO is a classic of example of that.

That's why John Paul's real strength lies IMHO. There isn't anyone I know (and I know a LOT of musicians) who could do justice to a John Paul Carroll track because they couldn't nail down the essence of the man. This is a musician who, over the years, has learned to deal with both his technical and performing shortfalls and turn it all overwhelmingly into his favour. FIOFO (fit in or fuck off, apparently) would fit in what most people would term 'good music' although I'm sure that there are many who would utter the old 'not sure I like the way he sings' comment and fair enough comment but it is missing the point. John Paul has a musical vision and he has made great strides towards achieving his own very unique sound, something I find highly commendable. At the end, only one thing counts, does it stand up musically? Yep, stories high.

Excellent rock from NZ. Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for fans.

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