Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pidgeman - Letter Of The Law

Hear The Track Here

Here's a familiar face, Craig Matthews, known to regular readers and Soundclick veterans (Ed: not always the same thing apparently) as UK based rock musician Pidgeman. Classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, Pidgeman has tackled them all and then some. While it would be true to say that he hasn't always jangled my bells (so to speak), those instances are far and few between and generally centre around a difference of personal taste as opposed to anything that Pidgeman is doing wrong. This is a musician who I first met in 2007 and having reviewed a fair clutch (Ed: how many is that then?) of his tracks during the intervening years, seen that he has matured very well.

Letter Of The Law is a lament about the world being up to its armpits in the brown stuff, while Those Who Rule Us (Ed: wtf are they doing in this review?) nitpick us to death about smoking, drinking, eating, falling off things for fun, or even a simple swing in a park. Petty rules and regulations (especially in the UK) are swallowing the whole population in a morass of don't do's. There doesn't, at this moment, seem to be a list of do-do's but I guess that's not surprising, given that it all may be covered in the same. I take it by your screams of 'you're driving me crazy' that you are already listening to it, and know that it is exactly what we have come to expect from this musician.

Way back Craig convinced as a songwriter and lyricist and I have to say that the years have only added more weight to those claims. Letter Of The Law is a damned near perfect rock pop tune that does it every level. Great vocals (yeah, I know!!), killer leads, and a rock solid backline that slams the track against you like a well aimed brick wall. There is no indication if anyone but Craig is involved in this track and if that is the case then paint me seriously impressed because one of the problem areas we have between us in the past is vocally. Seriously, if you like great rock vocals, lead guitar and attitude then Letter Of The Law should be snagged right now and played very, very, very ******* loud. Funny thing though, this REALLY reminded me of Silvertrain at their very best and that's a very good thing


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