Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Milo - Through the Chaos and the Clatter LP

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'After reading your reviews on your blog', the sultry voice whispered into my ear 'I think that Good Morning Milo’s energetic flare will fit comfortably with your readers'. Now, as you know, I am a sucker for a sultry voice (actually ANY female voice but lets not go there) and Brandi Newman was asking so nicely too... What's a guy to do? Simples really, two words: I submit. So now I've illustrated my total lack of a life, lets get back to the music. Good Morning Milo turns out to be a six piece pop/rock band out of San Diego CA and I've been living with their album for a couple of weeks (all fourteen tracks of it).


Bit of a problem initially, that's for sure. If I had to go by the one minute, twenty opener Pickup Lines, I'd be saying the drummer appears to be on another planet. Win her nails that lie smartly to bed because once the track gets going its obvious that this is a tight, tight band. Damn fine track too, as it happens. The same could be said for the whole LP, certainly this is a band who know how they want to sound and good songwriters and arrangers into the bargain. There is also no doubt that Alexis (drums), Ivan (bass), Peter (lead), Ren (rhythm), Weston (vocals) and Johnny (keys) are having the time of their lives doing it too. We kind of forget in this disposable age that music is supposed to be fun, but Good Morning Milo teach that lesson very well indeed.

Looks like they are a live band, and if you happen to be in California would be worth checking out I reckon, at least judging from the videos that have hanging around on their pages - certainly they'd notch up the enjoyment. Only so much of the old 'woe is me' Alternative you can take, know what I mean. Although I had some problems with the mix of the album, I suspect that this is down to the studio. For my money, the drums are way too prominent on almost every track but this is such a small niggle when put up against track after track of excellent, energetic pop rock songs of a very high calibre. Mind you, such insight didn't come quickly, as I say I have lived with this album for some time and there is a lot of it, so I'd say you'll need to give it time to settle in - well worth it though. Energetic, nuanced pop rock that'll plaster a big smile upon your face.

Highly Recommended West Coast sunshine.

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