Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spliff The General - Adversity

Hear The Track Here

Dear Editor, here is my review: (ahem) The man is called Spliff, what's not to like?!?!? (Ed: har ******* har Gilmore, now get back to work!) I include these pathetic statements at the beginning of this review so you can see how put upon this reviewer is. (Ed: I'm not even really an editor, just the calm, rational voice that commands this idiot). Spliff The General is a Rap artist who I found through the RebelRiffs, despite the Jamaican overtones of his name. Now don't go turning your nose up. I know that, despite all appearances, hip hop/rap is not universally appreciated but I happen to like it when its done with meaning and purpose.

Remember them big words...

Spliff is from Ontario, Canada - not exactly the first venue you would associate with this genre - but nonetheless he manages to deliver a very good track in all the ways that count. My only gripe is that it sounds (to my ears anyway) somewhat similar to Eminem's storming Not Afraid track, but that may just be my delusional mind and a thorough brainwashing from The Blond One. That niggle only lasted about three plays to be honest, and then the quality and depth of the track came through loud and clear. Besides, it is squarely aimed that the commercial market in structure and sound and that means recognisability.

As a long time fan of the genre one thing I absolutely demand is that the track works as a whole, not a rap set to music. Where everything has a point and a function, know what I mean? Adversity does a bloody admirable job of it, even more boggling when you consider that the person behind this very professional sounding track, is a mere nineteen years old. Plenty of time then, for the tracks that WILL kick our butts. In the meantime, this is a very nice taster indeed and - by the way - it's a slower, balladic hip hop and regular readers will know that brings out the venom. Not in this case.

Highly Recommended rap about....well, life really.

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