Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JPC (NZ) - Exit Strategy

Hear The Track Here

Soundclick is a funny site. Definitely has its ups and downs, and hanging around there for many years has shown me that the same holds true for the musicians who inhabit it too. However, being a long time member of a site also means that you gather some roots, gain friends, get an audience worthy of the name. Although John Paul Carroll has been a long time member of Soundclick, he did disappear for a while there - as many do - and it was good to see him return to his familiar haunts. Over the years I have come to really like this musicians style and songs and have very rarely - if ever? - been disappointed. John Paul is an old time rocker who knows what he wants to get across and spares no effort to get exactly that, and the rest of us can go hang.

An admirable attitude, I'd say.

It really pays interest with musicians like John Paul who have carefully crafted their own style over the time they are active, so much so that they are very distinctive against the general clamour to be heard. The downside is that in the process the musician can often be misunderstood, especially when - like JPC - you have vocals that don't do what rock vocals should. Funnily enough, I've referenced lots of people to describe what JPC sounds like and that seems to change from track to track these days. Exit Strategy reminding me most strongly of Mr Morose himself, Robert Smith of The Cure.

The heart and fire of the track though is - as always - in the rock assault to your ears right from the starting bell. John Paul is never one to mess about when there is a point to get to and that, to me, is one of his most endearing traits. Get it said, get it done will probably the motto this guy lives by, and that's mighty fine by me, especially when it provides little power packs like this one. There is no doubt in many quarters JPC is going to an acquired taste but I got that years ago and these days just marvel at how well he matures. Rock music that will strip walls, with a vocal to match.

Highly Recommended uber rock.

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