Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dark Arts - A Miracle Never Happens

Hear The Track Here

What is it just lately?? I know people are always shifting around because of one reason or another, but the amount of people who have either flounced out of Soundclick or bounced out of it is becoming stupid. Here's Dark Arts take on it 'Uploaded my last track on soundclick, i shant be adding anymore music here' so the burning question is why? I know Soundclick well, and its problems but at the end of the day it is just another music website - it just happens to also be the biggest. One of the reasons I've stayed on this site for so long is because it really is the only game in town, and I've watched people leave and then come back time after time. I say this because Shane Simpson (aka Dark Arts) has been on Soundclick for a long time (first as Solidsounds) and we need all the veterans we can get.

This is my fifth Dark Arts track and, looking back considering the genre (dance), he hasn't fared too badly. I think that is mostly down to my antipathy towards the genre but nonetheless, I still said (although not in so many words) that the tracks could get a lot better.This is the first track I have heard that is a song, and sung by Shane no less - a first for him. Now in light of what I said at the beginning of the review, I would love to be able to say this track is the dogs bollocks, but I can't do that because it isn't. Its full of glaring errors, abrupt fades and even a mid-vocal ending that just has to be a mistake.

Moreover, although I do get what Dark Arts is trying to do, it just doesn't work. The vocal and the track just don't fit together, at least not in its present style. Its obvious that Dark Arts faces technical limitations too, and none of that helps. However, its out there and I can only judge it on what I hear and what I hear is a decent idea and not much else. Its not that Dark Arts can't sing (although drone would be closer to the truth) but the disjoint between the music and the vocal style is just too great for this to work in any meaningful way. Hate to do this, especially in light of what's happening, but truth is truth.

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