Sunday, September 12, 2010

Human For Sale - 1,000 Miles

Hear The Track Here

I am not, as you know, an advocate of slavery so no, I will not sell Joe Krupinsky to you, even though he's obviously up for it. Mind you, kind of apt when you consider the business though... Anyway, enough of that bollocks, Joe (the aforementioned Human For Sale) came to me through the RebelRiffs blog and is an acoustic pop one man band from the Midwest and that's about as much information as you are going to get. Mind you, it did introduce me to yet another OMD I wasn't aware of: Pure Volume. As nice a site as it undoubtedly is, it's still - by the looks of it - a small audience and I would suggest a move to a site along the lines of Soundclick if you want to get a wider range of comments and/or interest. But, there again, I am biased towards Soundclick and I freely admit it.

1,000 Miles is a track from the Secretly Believing We'll Never Die EP but this is the only track I have heard, and that can often be a drawback - especially with this genre. The problem I find with being an acoustic musician is that you either have to be a virtuoso player or have a voice to die for. Short of that, the next best thing is a songwriting talent and, for me, this is the best area. Of course when budgets are tight, and who's isn't?, you got to do what you got to do. 1,000 Miles then is basic, at least as far as the recording goes. It sounds like one take, live as it happened and that will detract from its appeal in this day of multi track arrangements...

Personally, I have a fondness for the genre known as Americana and stylistically this could fit right in there with the good ol' boys and gals. Sure, it has elements of Alternative navel gazing and is - at bottom - a fairly simple song and that is what saves the track for me. However, I should point out that I have the kind of ear that can cut through the technical side and appreciate a decent song, regardless of how its presented. Taken then as a song demo, it's fairly obvious that this Human For Sale might even be worth the money. A distinctive vocalist with a simple style that is effective, especially if you like the softer, acoustic side of the street.

Recommended Acoustic.

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