Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reflexion X - When The Sky Is Blue

Hear The Track Here

Older Soundclick members will probably remember the musician known as deep 'n' dark, the original name for the music of Heikki Roots who I have reviewed quite a bit under that name. Funnily enough, even though we have been on Soundclick for around the same amount of time, I never really had much contact with deep 'n' dark material but I'm making up for it now obviously. Heikki has a nice new domain too: is where you'll find just about everything you need to know about both Reflexion X and deep 'n' dark. Definitely a must if you like well written music, good ideas and a convincing presentation.

Out of the five or six tracks I have reviewed thus far, he's had at least one Must Have so that should go some way to showing you how I rate him. As you might expect from someone who has been doing this for a long time, there isn't much to pick apart in the way this musician puts his tracks together, or performs them. My particular draw is because he is a good songwriter, who understands the need for precision and melody alike. Certainly I'd say that God Vs Satan (June 2010) is the best track I've heard from him yet but hey, there's always the next one...and here it is!

When I first started making music online (1992 or thereabouts) I was heavily involved with the MOD music scene, which at the time was dominated by musicians from the Scandinavian countries particularly Finland and Norway. Reflexion X happens to be Estonian by birth but now lives in Finland I can see that musical history has rubbed off on him. Outside of the vocals (which were almost impossible back in the day, in that format) the music could easily pass for the MOD sound, a very Euro-centric sound, dancey, little electronica and gorgeous sounds. Heikki weaves his usual vocal style over the top of this and although I don't think even he would put his hand up as great singer he can certainly carry a tune in a way that totally fits his music. And, as always, at the heart is always a terrific song and - even with its Ibiza feel - converted me after but a couple of plays and I'm a bitter, cynical Englishman who doesn't do optimism :)

Highly Recommended Euro electronica.

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