Saturday, September 11, 2010

Conory - Here We Go Again

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Since I reviewed Conory's Long Dark Hallway (July 2008), this UK based Alternative musician has kept many of us happy with his output and - on the odd occasion - wildly enthusiastic. Yep, got to admit that even though he doesn't always hit the Gilmore hotspot, he always gives me a reasonable musical morsel for me to chew on. That's before we mention the Thursday real-life gatherings that spawned the excellent The Skeptic Tanks which Conory is a big part of. One of the biggest draws though, at least for me, is his songwriting style which has more than a hint of pop about it. I wasn't aware while I was reviewing the track that it was actually made to sound like early Roxy Music, because it was blindingly obvious to me the first time I heard it. Hence, the glitter, the platforms and the feather boa I'm wearing.

My story, aaand I'm sticking to it.

Here We Go Again is an absolute crackerjack song, and given that Roxy Music feel and style will probably become one of Conory's favourite songs. Ah...but does the purist inside quiver with indignation at such blatant copying. Well, as far as I am concerned, there a major difference between copying something and paying due respect to our common musical roots. Of course, Conory is blatantly copying the style, that is the point because I'm sure there aren't many people who know that once upon a time, Roxy Music were vital and exciting. Or maybe that was just the drugs kicking in (Ed: Oi!! Zero tolerance!) but what Conory does best in this track is show that not only can he copy it extremely well, he loves it even more.

That's where this track scores for me because its obvious that Conory poured heart and soul into this track and by God it shows. From the minute the bass kicks in, I was getting flashbacks like you wouldn't believe and when the vocal started I though maybe Bryan himself had crept into the Conory household for a quick session. For sure, I am way past the point where I have to mention anything of a technical nature with this musician, his music always comes up to a certain standard - which makes him an easy listen - but when you take his songwriting skills into account, he can only gain listeners. So if you are a Roxy Music fan this is EXACTLY what you need and because its an absolutely knockout piece of period pop it can only be a...

MUST HAVE homage.

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