Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cam's Even Song - Reaching Door 19

Hear The Track Here

You see before you a very contented reviewer, and if that isn't a brain**** then nothing is. The whole point, some would argue, about being a reviewer is that you are - not to put to fine a point on it - curmudgeonly to the extreme. Constantly whining about this or that. So what is it, you may again ask, that makes this particular curmudgeon so contented? Variety, variety, my friends, the very stuff of life. Although I'm doing more reviews than ever, I'm getting a much wider spread of the main food groups. Too much Soundclick can even do my head in, ya know?? Nonetheless, its nice to slip into some familiar - and much loved - musicians into the mix, and when its a previous Artist Of The Year (2006 seeing as you asked) the pleasure is palpable. (Ed: don't you EVER proofread Gilmore, look at the state of that sentence... Palpable pleasure, sounds positively pornographic. Gah!! he got me doing it!!!)

Cam's new album is entitled Door A-19 and this - I think - is the first track from it. Let's have Cam explain the reasoning behind this title. 'After I finished the 18th album called *Something LIKEcrazy* I was feeling tired and a bit discouraged' he says, and we'd all sympathise with him except we're all too green with envy at such a legendary tally. Mere numbers sure, but when you take all 19 into account (including this one of course) then you see what a truly outstanding body of work this one man is capable of. Many of us might have that many albums inside of us, but I bet we could never match the sheer quality of this musician and songwriter. The gist of his reasoning is that each album is a different experience and I'd agree with that.

Its no coincidence that the most influential and far reaching musicians on Soundclick are also the ones with an identifiable sound and voice, and that is a double edged sword as many of them have found out to their cost. It becomes, therefore, a long haul but musicians like Cam put that time to good use. So the Cam we see today is, IMHO of course, one of the most polished and professional unsigned one-man bands on the planet, let alone Soundclick. If you think that this is the usual Gilmore hyperbole then I urge you strongly to listen to the proof of these claims. See, no matter what I or other reviewers say, its the music that finally does the work, and with a songwriter as talented as this one and a solid musician and producer into the bargain, you just can't go wrong. Try it and see, this guy just gets better and better...and yes it's Cam with a difference ;)

MUST HAVE from a true unsigned standard-bearer.

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