Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cardium - Blue Rose

Hear The Track Here

Since I opened up the RebelRiffs blog in 2006, it has been a steady source of new music for me, especially musicians who I would never have heard in any other circumstance. See, I have a couple of problems. (Ed: a couple?? couple of hundred?, thousand? what number?) Firstly, I cannot abide Myspazz; it isn't a music site and its certainly not as influential if you are an unsigned band. I also will not sign up to the Facebook thing either, but that's another story. So, even though I wouldn't be seen dead at Myspazz, I have been able to appreciate many of the musicians on there through the blog. Take Cardium for instance. Lena and the lovely (apparently) Mr L (Leon to his friends) are a Norwegian duo and before you start shaking your head, let me just put you straight on Norwegian musicians. Never, but never to be underestimated as I know to my own cost. :)

A feature of Blue Rose has to be Lena's vocals, the kind of voice that sends shivers down your backbone. Actually, thinking about it since, I am reminded very strongly of my Artist Of The Year 2005, Maria Daines and Paul Killington - although in a completely different musical way. Yes, my boggled friends, you may be amazed at such an audacious claim but remember if I can spot one I can spot another, and I have. So nrrr. Seriously, considering that this is an acoustic track, with the occasional beat and lick, it carries some pretty serious musical weight.

Cardium started a couple of years ago out of their love of doing Nick Cave covers which just goes to show that it really does take all kinds. I can see that, and the Leonard Cohen connection (musically that is) but Lena has the vocal range and confidence to take it to a whole different level. I will be the first to put my hand up to absolutely loving good female vocals, but this one came right out left field and is all the better for it. Judging by the state of play on their Myspazz page, I'd say they would be much, much better on a REAL music website because that is where their audience is. OK, so I couldn't possibly be this satisfied by one track so I do confess I looked at this video too. Definitely one to watch and please, please spread your internet wings :)

Excellent, elegant and simple. MUST HAVE (far) northern soul music.

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