Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wrechno - Stretch

Hear The Track Here

How come Americans have such evocative phrases?? Take the term 'stoner' and I automatically latch onto the images and sounds of Bill and Ted (Kenau Reeves when he was a human being) or - going even further back - the real classic stoners, Cheech and Chong. Conversations full of 'wha', 'dude' and 'legendary larceny' (Ed: you made that last one up....dude). I openly admit to the whole world that I have practiced the art of classic stonerism at the feet of the masters, and frequently have flashbacks and gaping canyons of blankness about the smoke filled past. While practising this arcane art of the killer weed, I also developed a taste for the killer riff and - in my dotage - am still a high end user of heavy rock in all its varieties.

I mention this because although I know nothing whatsoever about Wrechno other than they are two Tool fans and 'classless stoners' as they describe themselves. So, that's a great many things we have in common already. So pass that bad boy on.... There I was, being painfully adorned with piercings and tattoos, and listening to the track and I am wondering what happened between my expectations and what poured into my ears while reviewing Stretch. Definitely not heavy rock by any description, although in tone and arrangement there are certain similarities except that whatever riffs are happening electronically.

When I went back to check I discovered that I must have been blind when I downloaded it because it plainly states that it is Electronica Trip Hop - definitely not the buzz I was expecting - but I sobered up quick enough, thereby escaping the bodily abuse that comes with piercings and tattoos. Yay, my body is still a temple (Ed: yeah, but your mind is still a cesspit!). Now that I've had time to listen more to the track I can't say that I am completely overwhelmed because it is - at base - just a good piece of instrumental electronica with an edgier feel than most. T'ain't therefore going to win many prizes but - if lets say I happened to be two stoners 'with cheap, pirated beat-making software' and I made tracks, then I think I would feel inordinately proud of what I had achieved no matter what anyone else said. Besides, they probably wouldn't remember it anyway, would they?

Recommended dark, edgy electronica.

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