Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Larry Ludwick - I Hear You

Hear The Track Here

Not sure that this title is intentionally ironic, given Larry's hearing difficulties this year but Larry describes I Hear You as a 'mixture of old and new'. Hopefully that means he is getting back to whatever passes for normal in the Ludwick household, this man is a pillar holding up (almost singlehandedly) the Soundclick Critics Corner Competitions and it's one thing we need and that's builders. Not, I hastily add, the kind with butt cleavage and a propensity to overestimate both their ability and their price, but more the kind of empire builder that builds....well Critics Corner Competitions I guess. Win the monthly one and you get a days free advertising on Soundclick's front page, what's not to like?

I Hear You finds Larry in mellow semi-classical mode, a genre he has thrown at me once or twice but not one that always finds favour. True appreciation for orchestral pieces for me go hand in hand with mood. Sometimes a classical piece will sit like a lump of four day old porridge and then, in a quiet moment obviously, it will finally be heard as it should be and this proved to be the case with this track - although at the end of the day, I do have reservations.

That may well be down to the style, but it might also have to do with the overall sound and, at the time of writing, I still haven't made my mind up about it and maybe I never will. When put up against his last classical piece - The Exodus (August 2010) - I Hear You seems like a pale comparison. Again though, it may also have been down to my own moods while listening to this piece; up and down like a frenzied yo-yo. Phillip Grigalanz made a comment on the page that there was 'excellent theory to this composition' and he sounds like he knows....

Almost pastoral classical. Recommended

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