Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kashu Da Nutt - Make Moves

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Partly because of the size of Soundclick and partly because there is not enough time in a day, I often pick up on musicians long before I get around to reviewing them; Cali's own Kashu Da Nutt being the latest example. I first noticed him posting a while ago, then caught up with a couple of reviews and now finally, I get to dish the dirt :) KANE Younge (aka Da Nutt) is a hiphop grime artist which, as it happens, is one of my favourite of New School sub-genres. Grime is in fact a UK hiphop hybrid first made popular in East London and is an offshoot of UK Garage with a healthy shot of 2-step to keep it zingy. One its first stars was the now ubiquitious Dizzee Rascal, but there are plenty more: Wiley, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah, Aggro Santos, Kano and on and on. So, can't say that I've heard much California grime so this is the ideal opportunity.

I will make one point, I do prefer the more dubstep/dancehall slanted tracks in this genre and although Make Moves hints at it, it is much more standard American hip hop than that. Hardly surprising really when the musician is of that persausion (American that is...). The track carries the obligatory Parental Advisory and judging by what I have been able to make out of the lyrics is probably not there for decoration - like an ASBO for example (Ed: Oi, no social commentary jokes...). Grime has come in for some considerable critical stick for the violence and/or profanity that pervades the genre and I don't think Make Moves is going to change any of that - and why should it?

Personally I have no problem with strong language, especially with strong music and grime has always been that. Kashu builds the track well, bringing a confident rapper manner to the proceedings that definitely helps me to identify with it better. As I say, it has its American tinge but it is grime and it is good grime into the bargain. For my money it could have been a tad longer but that's just me being awkward. Grime obviously isn't going to be everyone's favourite bedtime story but if you do like the genre, Kashu Da Nutt is an artist well worth checking out.

Recommended Grime.

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