Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Spiral Steaks

Hear The Track Here

First one banging at my Soundclick door this month probably needs no introduction if you've been around longer than five minutes because - despite the rumours of demise - they are well known cantankerous little buggers as we all know to our cost. Fear 2 Stop, a three piece band from Houston, has been around on Soundclick almost as long as I have and they have persistently pelted me with tracks for years and years and years and... I'm sure you get the picture. Now considering that Fear 2 Stop veer drunkenly from one side of the experimental field to the other on a regular basis, and absolutely thrive on a bit of chaos, you would think that I would run away screaming every time one of their tracks came up on the list. Funnily enough I have, over time, become more than used to the rather special brew Fear 2 Stop concoct even if to others its rather more toxic. It's not always right though, I've had to spank their collective butt a time or two, but again, over time, they won me over.

So, knives and forks at the ready, lets eat Spiral Steaks.

While you all chow down, let me point out some things about this delicacy. It's the first actual Fear 2 Stop recording (with all three members) for well over a year and, should you have ventured this far, consists of a lot of gristle on that there meaty bone. Of course if you have never been exposed to the particular musical world Fear 2 Stop inhabit, you will probably think that I am completely mad, and believe me many people have thought so. It doesn't matter one bit to Fear 2 Stop and never has done and that is a major part of their particular lure for me. They have ALWAYS sounded like this, although the passing of time has smoothed out many of their rougher edges.

Billy and Dana Castillo and Raymond Proseus (aka F2S) cavort in a halfway world of analog and digital and they delight in smashing these sounds together to the point where people without previous exposure would indeed run away screaming, as did I and many others in the beginning. Fear 2 Stop has always been about the long haul though and progress was slow, they are now at the stage where their sound is identifiable, stamped through with Fear 2 Stop trademarks; the abrupt changes of flow, the insistent, compelling but often fearful feeling in the pit of your belly that you might well be a bit mad after all. Still, madness makes the world go round, and here's the Soundclick stalwarts throwing more fuel to the fire. For a confirmed fan, it sure is nice to hear something that really shows what they can do when they do get together.

Highly Recommended Indietronic.

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