Tuesday, January 19, 2010

JPC (NZ) - Dig Up, Stupid

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You know you have been around a long time when people start using you as examples of musical style and I guess John Paul Carroll (aka JPC (NZ)) must be feeling that about me comparing Ian Dadon to him as a musical reference. While it's true that a great many people who frequent Soundclick over the years when Fluidity (his previous incarnation) was in play will know all about the WAY John Paul plays and writes music, so when they see the name, they do know to expect a certain amount of technical skill and - more importantly - of songwriting ability. Good job then that songwriting has always been this musicians ace card and he's played it a great many times over the years I've known him. He also thinks I've reviewed this before but I really don't think so.

Believe me, I would have remembered.

As with other 'veteran' Soundclick members, I always expect the usual ducks to be arranged correctly and - mostly - that rule doesn't let me down. It also leaves me open to surprise, and John Paul has done that before and does again it with some considerable style on this incredibly detailed, hard as nails, lyrically imaginative rock track with a difference. As I say, I've always liked John Paul's rock and brought in names such as Status Quo, David Bowie and other English alumni in to show where he's coming from. Certainly can't do that with Dig Up, Stupid; it's nothing more or less than distilled essence of John Paul Carroll as we know and love him.

Easily one of the best track I have ever heard from this very prolific artist, Dig Up, Stupid has everything; great hooks, intricate and detailed arrangement, massive rock presence and an inspired vocal performance. Its arrangement was the first thing that struck me as being different, and also inspired but in a different way. I think JPC was definitely on a Bowie kick when this was coming out because structurally (or at least the cleverness) is redolent of the early Mr David Jones as was. As a piece of in-your-face, get-up-and-DO-something music, this track kicks butt and takes no prisoners. John Paul has always trodden his own rock path, and more often than not been sure footed about it but nowhere like as confident as right now. As hot as it gets, from a man Down Under.

MUST HAVE. End of.

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