Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Those Among Us - Disco Ball (Demo Version)

Hear The Track Here

You may remember me waxing lyrical last month when I reviewed Those Among Us's's's's A Chance To Die EP, a fine testament to how quickly this band has developed into something with considerable power and reach. It is, no doubt about it, helped enormously by the presence of John Brandon, injecting that special Silvertrain flavour into the proceedings. Familiar, you see. Those Among Us are John Brandon, Lino Gonzalez and Steven 'Mez' Mezropian and (maybe, sometime) Ritchie Allen. Don't make the mistake that Those Among Us are in fact Silvertrain in a slightly different dress (Ed: which he did, about a thousand times...). Sure the songs and arrangements sound familiar but Gonzalez and Mezropian bring muscle and maturity that was never part of Silvertrain.

No more wallowing in the past k?

Where the EP is essentially power pop/heavy rock, Disco Ball is a excellent meld of electronic conventional rock sounds, all very modern and alternative even. As time goes on, and I heard the track more and more, I finally decided that it does indeed deserve the demo tag. Not what I thought when I first heard it mind, I heard a knockout rock song powering its way into my ears. Not that there is anything musically wrong with the track, it's just fine but there is a roughness to both the sound and arrangement that a bit of tightening up here and there wouldn't harm.

The standard of work (technical and musical) on A Chance to Die, and on all four tracks, was right on the money and I know John of old, he would want this one to be as well and so would I. Having said that, the differences are probably only in their ears and mine and most people probably wouldn't care anyway. After the blast of the EP I started to appreciate more and more the vocal qualities Steve Mezropian brings to this particular grouping, he has a very hefty rock feel, as well as being able to give things depth and feeling. Not an easy task I say, and a mark of how much he's put into it. It may be a work in progress but I can't see anyone spotting that difference and the song really is terrific.

Great rock blend. Highly Recommended.

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