Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twizzie - Keep Doin You Ft Chelsea Tan

Hear The Track Here

Twizzie is much better known to us as Canadian rapper/hip hop musician Twisted Angel, but the name change wouldn't be changing the music, I've always thought of him as Twizzie anyway. Matter of fact, Twisted Angel is one of the brighter hip hop highlights around on Soundclick because - no matter what the genre - the man does indeed know what works and what doesn't. He's always had a bit of a fresh take on it too, swapping genres as easily as a snake sheds skin. Not that I am insinuating there is anything reptilian about Twizzie, ya understand, he's probably a very nice chap.

As Twizzie says in Keep Doin You 'See I got somthn to say besides sport cars and babes/how I'm gettin money, diamonds and chains' He does indeed and that is one of the reasons I latched on to him back when I first reviewed Some Kind Of Monster (April 2009), a fairly regular hip hop joint enlivened by a decent music track and a class rap. Keep Doing You sees the man returning back to an more standard hip hop sound, and a fairly smoochy, laid back r&b beat with a vocal from Chelsea Tan that is well used and placed.

I don't think this side of Twizzie's work appeals to me as much as when he is out exploring other musical genres, but nonetheless, he's still a good rapper with a very positive lyrical side and that always makes listening a pleasure. 'No matter where you go, dont forget who you are' Chelsea wisely and Twizzie illustrates this with a tale about how he is finding his own musical style, which I have had the pleasure to watch over several releases. 'I'm not rich or famous....' Twizzie says in the song, 'but I made music and that was good enough for me. Me too, as it happens. A Soundclick original for sure.

Highly Recommended hip hop.

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