Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ian Dadon - Antics of Incognito

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Got a few tracks under my reviewing belt by now from Isreali musician Ian Dadon, an interesting if low key songwriter whose work has improved dramatically in a very short space of time. Most of the niggles I have had with the tracks comes down to the kit he is using and the way he chooses to present his material. The songs themselves I found I have no problem with. That's always the way though, isn't it? Held back by either lack of funds, knowledge or both. That's what makes being an internet musician interesting and, I might add, inventive. Seeing as I spent most of the last review wishing he had a bigger sound, best not to go there again.

'Very personal is all I say' Ian says about the track, whereas my eyes are fastened to the label describing the genre, so 'very prog rock' is what I say and regular readers will know that now is the time to duck and cover. Mind you, I think I've calmed down over the years, I'm nothing like as strident about my dislike as in the past. However, having spent some time with Antics of Incognito I don't think it's actually prog rock in the time-honoured get-Gilmore-to-spew-venom tradition and in fact sounds like a very modern, if somewhat energetic shoegaze track. What it does do though is fizzes with ideas, and some very neat arrangement tricks that keep the proceedings bubbling along very nicely.

Mind you, it does feature some drawbacks in overall sound but not enough, I would think, to put anyone off if they like rock songs. Considering that it's a princely six minutes it passes quickly enough aided by the intricacy of the arrangement, vocally and instrumentally. I found it helped immensely in my appreciation of the song once I had looked up the lyrics, the lyrics are often difficult to pick up and it is vital knowledge to really savour the way this song builds towards the finale. When I downloaded this I didn't hold out much hope but again, just goes to show you got to be open to new sounds. Fifth track down for this musician and there is no doubt that he knows how to construct a good song.

Highly Recommended Rock, with a teeny bit of prog.

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