Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brendon McKenna - Get Out On The Town

Hear The Track Here

It's a small world as you'll see. I'll let Soundclick regular Nick Laroche explain it ' I recorded it, my brother-in-law is the artist' he states proudly, 'I recorded this live off of my radio show so there's an air pop at the beginning and the quality of the mix is not so stellar' Pffft, such things don't frighten me and I stand in awe of anyone who can get musicians onto the radio - live - because it's always a very enjoyable experience IMO. Brendon McKenna is a 21 year old Country musician from Canada who has but this one track on his page and no other information whatsoever. Maybe he learned the lessons of Facebook only too well eh? ;)

Off grid is the new black innit?

I am not a great fan of country, although it is a genre that has been known to throw me a curve ball or two in my time. Not that I'd actually class Get Out on the Town as country, it's all a bit folky - if you know what I mean. Nick was wise to put in the proviso about the recording because this is just one guy, his guitar and voice, being picked up by just three mics so it's not going to sound great. Nonetheless, the sound is clear and the energy of the music cuts through to show off the song in its proper light.

There's a bit of boominess and, I think, the guitar is slightly out of tune but hey, that kind of stuff happens live. What counts then are two things, the song and the performance and there's no problem with either. Brendon is a pretty good rhythm player (which definitely gives it a country feel) and a decent singer but - for my money - the song was a bit too formulaic for my taste. Having said that, I think it would be a different proposition entirely with a recorded version of it, especially one that takes advantage of the songs natural lope.

Recommended County folk (but not country folk, if you know what I mean)

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