Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Wheel - Free Me

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There are many Soundclickers to whom the Big Round One is legend (Ed: after all, he's been around long enough) and even as jaded a palate as mine have been known to taste some of the man's delicacies although - it has to be said - that I am not a great big fan of the more mellow forms of music, yay, even unto electronica. He's also wandered a time or two into dance and you know what I feel about that. Rather dance it than listen to it mate. Still, as I say, Wheelie knows enough about production and musical prowess that makes any of his tracks listenable so I never experience an ever-growing queasiness as the track moves up the review list (unlike some other artists in these genres).

Saves on the Rennies, doncha know?

Bit of a work in progress by the sounds of it though, 'It's a first draft, and I'll most definitely be going back to this for a fix-up and hopefully to add a vocalist of some kind' Big Wheel explains in the song comments. What?, and you think that will get you off the hook? I think not, young man. (Ed: pssst, kill the daddy voice). 'Funky breakbeat track with a jazz flavr yo' is what he says and I say the jazz tip helps enormously - at least for my taste. As basic as Big Wheel thinks this is, there is no doubting most of would listen to this and say **** YEAH!!, which goes to show how seriously he takes this. Fact is, and believe me I tried, I can find nothing wrong with this track at all - even for an instrumental.

My only quibble has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with music, well not in any conventional sense. There is a vocal sample, breathing the songs title, and I have also just used this sample in one of my upcoming tracks so curse you Big Wheel and a big nnnnrrrrrrrrr. So, now we have that fit of childish pique out of the way, listeners would find that - regardless of your personal tastes - Big Wheel tracks have a nasty habit of hitting the right spot. Just when I was feeling most jaded and unwilling to carry on, this track came along and threw cold water over me. God knows how much better this is going to get if its given a treatment but its good enough for me right now and as it is.

B-B-Bbreakbeat with a jazz lilt. Highly Recommended

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