Saturday, March 08, 2008

m4rt3z Feat Essence - Staring At Infinity

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I could have sworn that I have reviewed MP3 Unsigned's m4rt3z AND Essence (in their individual work not a collaboration like this) and I've just spent a fruitless hour proving myself wrong. So my warped reasoning tells me that a) there is a kink in the universe and I've fallen into it OR b) I really am that old OR c) I have reviewed them before and there is nothing wrong with my mind (or the universe for that matter). See, like a lot of MP3 Unsigned artists, m4rt3z and Essence like to mingle with their fellow musicians and it's highly likely that I have reviewed them in that role. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Better that than a kink in the unverse, I'll tell ya.

You'd need more than ice and a sticky plaster on that.

Because of my many virulent tirades and rants about certain genres, I have gained a bit of a reputation of a hardcase and nowhere more so than when reviewing dance. It isn't that I hate the genre, I don't. I don't actively hate any genre, just sloppily executed music and/or ideas. Besides, I'd say Staring Into Infinity was more Ibiza flavoured, and that is always a bonus as far as I am concerned. Don't let the intro fool you, whatever happens. Whenever it started I marvelled that such a good track could come from such pale beginnings.

Loads of synths, then but not lots of the ol' 4-to-the-floor thank God. Well, sure there is lots of dancey-dancey but it isn't as deadening as usual, thanks to the use of those synths and some smart breakdowns. It takes a lot to fill up six minutes plus change of time and Staring At Infinity does the job very well although, if you are not used to this particular style it'll take a while to sink in. The real ace in the hole with this track was the ever-bright vocals from Essence, whose vocal style fits this track perfectly and lifts the midlle and later sections of the track enormously. An enjoyable track, be you dancing, walking, thinking or ********

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