Saturday, March 22, 2008

Largo - Toy Soldier

Hear The Track Here

Second time around for David Katsikas (aka Largo) an Alternative Indie artist from (I believe anyway) New Hampshire, USA where, you might be aware, they are currently having a very interesting election. It is, however, a subject we did cover in my review of One Nation (Digi-Generation) (February 2008) so enough of that. From this track, it's easy to see that Largo has all his ducks in a row and as such it got a Highly Recommended from me and that ain't bad for a first time around. It was also obviously plain to me that experience such as Largo shows will undoubtedly deliver other goodies and...

Oooh look, here's one!

Actually, not really. Although el Largo may be supplying all the relevant musical bits but Toy Soldier is in fact a cover of a song by Martika of which I shamefully admit I have been blissfully unaware of until this point. A hit in 1989 so I've found out and Largo does capture the time and period exceptionally well, also a mark of how tight this guy keeps his tracks. While it's obvious that (like its predecesser) that this is a home produced track, I think most listeners wouldn't notice or even give a stuff and truth to tell why should they? The music and production more than make up for it - especially when ya play it loud!!

Like a lot of tracks, continued plays really helped to cement itself into my brain and, for my money anyway, if you are going to do a cover it may as well be a damn good one. Ultimately that is the appeal of the track, Toy Soldier SOUNDS like a hit, know what I mean? A rock hit too and that's always been my favourite kind of fodder. Again the track shows just how good Largo is at this stuff and well worth the listen. Had I not known beforehand that this was a cover track I would be raving about the track itself, and Largo's powerful, creative treatment of it. I know speaking from my own experience how difficult it is to do meaningful cover songs and Largo has done that in splendid style.

Highly Recommended Rock cover song.

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