Sunday, March 16, 2008

Buzrk - Emissary

Hear The Track Here

You may have thought, in your wandering through Soundclick, whether anyone ever used any of these 'beats for sale' outfits that Soundclick seems to be infested with. Well, put your mind at rest because I know that many of these 'beats' do turn up in my reviews and Buzrk has used a couple too (Anno Domini for example). Sad to say, I haven't really heard anything from Buzrk up to this point that really made me sit up and listen. In all the tracks I have reviewed so far, there is a mismatch between the vocals and music that - considering this is rap - is deadly when not performed correctly.

Consequently, all his tracks have suffered at my hands and I was beginning to suspect a bit of a pattern developing. I had also assumed (incorrectly as it happens) that Buzrk was American and I've only just noticed that in fact he is from Togo, Western Africa so obviously there would be some stylistic differences. That doesn't excuse sloppy work and - thankfully - Emissary shows much more promise than anything I have heard from this artist yet. It's hip hop, of course and it carries the almost obligatory Parental Advisory so be prepared for some cussing...

I think musically the track Buzrk uses on Emissary by Loks Project is one of the best I have heard in this field. It's taut, tight and very, very effective and it's to Buzrk's eternal credit that this time he hasn't allowed his rap to overshadow the track. He fits that rap into the little nooks and crannies of the musical track with some skill, playing with the spaces and gaps as if they were building blocks. This, to me, is what I expect from the hip hop I would personally want to hang on to. Great musical track that gives the rapper a chance to really stretch out and, yes impress even me.

Excellently scored catchy hip hop rap. Highly Recommended.

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