Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crockmister - Just My Morning

Hear The Track Here

In October 2004 I reviewed a track called Walking Between Two Worlds from a new musician to me at MP3 Unsigned. It was an absolutely knockout track in every respect, but especially vocally (I compared Craig's voice to both Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) and Van Morrison and nothing I have heard since has deviated one iota from that first knockout punch. This is one artist that is absolutely guaranteed never to fail you, regardless of the genre he is dealing with. All of his tracks reside on my hard drive (along with all his Deggsy and Crockmister collaborations) and still get regular workouts on my playlists. It's great drive music I've found, its kept me amused on many a road trip.

Now before you start thinking that Crocky and I should just get a room and be done with it, lets be about the music so I can show you why I treasure this musician. Just My Morning is exactly the Crockmister mood I really get off on, although his Going Down To Babylon is going to take some beating. Nonetheless, this track has already made an enduring impression on me. It beggars belief that the RW music business doesn't see the possibilities in a musician of Craig Sofaly's (aka Crockmister) calibre and experience. In the immediate future, whenever people moan at me about being such a fan of unsigned music, I'll point them at this track as a classic example of how to make a work of art and the best music you are likely to hear ANYWHERE.

I am well known for my championing of this artist but ffs LISTEN to how good it can get. Just My Morning gets down into that almost-Lousiana feel so much of his work evokes; a peice of classic rock that is so good it becomes pop by default. A devoted student of the less-is-more for school which I am a student, Crockmister weaves a light acoustic rock to back a wonderfully realised - and extremely evocative - song. Lyrics, arrangement, tone, all just perfect. As I said earlier, Crockmister is as close to the real thing musically as you can ever get and as an ex-music business person myself I've heard the best and the worst. No prizes for guessing which one this is.

MUST HAVE. Soul, warmth AND style.

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