Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fear 2 Stop - Anti Gravity

Hear The Track Here

First on this reviewers doorstep this month are my old friends Billy, Dana and Raymond collectively known as Fear 2 Stop, a Houston TX based experimental electronica band. The older Soundclick lags will already either be perking up their ears or shuddering with dread, depending on their point of view. See, Fear 2 Stop are not yer average electronica band, here is a band who specialise in f****** with your ears until you don't know which way is up. Which is exactly the way F2S want it presumably. On a more negative note, I have noticed a marked slackening off of the kind of material they were doing a year ago, and that could be a problem. Which is why I approached Anti Gravity with a certain amount of caution, after all it's science fiction innit? I may not be from this planet (according to some people) but I sure as s*** don't want to get get propelled from it on some fiendish anti-grav device.

Could severely dent my jollity.

What does dent my jollity is having to write only for fans when this time last year I was giving them Must Haves. What's the story morning glory? Even though Anti Gravity is a new track it SOUNDS like an older track, if ya know what I mean. See, back in the day when Soundclick's experimental field was just starting to grow, Fear 2 Stop were one of the prime motivators of what I called the 'awkward squad' , simply because the music just wouldn't appeal outside of it's narrow genre. All well and good if that is what you want, but not much good for getting more listeners.

Basically, the problem is that no matter how well you capture the sounds and performance, an electronic ramble is still an electronic ramble. The other side of the coin is that this band has always gone its own way and gathered some fairly devoted fans to themselves and that is as it should be. However, as some of last years tracks testify, a wider audience beckons so it seems a little pointless to go over the same ground again. OK, if you like a good electronic ramble (described as 'hard electro' in the song coments) then this will fit that bill. Me, I'll wait for something stronger because I KNOW this band can do it.

For fans only. (sigh)

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