Saturday, March 22, 2008

Denton - DebtorsRUs

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Another artist who seemed to have disappeared for a while is Newcastle based Denton who I last reviewed almost a year ago. Mind you, he might well have been avoiding me because I have been quite harsh in some of my comments on his previous work. A guitarist by preference, the only track that I felt I could really get behind was Dog-Leap Stairs (February 2007) a straight ahead instrumental as is all his other tracks. I really ripped into the drumtrack on Hard Temperance (April 2007) but liked other aspects of what he was doing. So, all a bit hit and miss but a year is a long time and much can change.

As indeed, seems to be the case here.

Although DebtorsRus still has a certain raw edge to it's sound, there is an urgency and drive that I have always found lacking in this artist before. Much more to the point, this particular mix is streets away from what he was doing last year; it is clear, punchy and effective. It's a well decent song too, sung by the man himself carrying with it the Northern ethos embodied in the songs lyrics and subject matter; a situation we are all becoming rapidly aware of ie living on credit. In fact DebtorsRUs is, as Denton says is a 'nice, bouncy song with doom-laden lyrics. Inspired by the coming Recession/Depression!!'

Uh oh, run for the hills!!

One of the tracks many beauties are the lyrics, a wry take on our current fiscal situation and what it means to plain ol' you and me and - as we are becoming aware - it ain't gonna be pretty. Nonetheless, this track is pretty, in its rock way, and it's nice to hear that musically and lyrically it seems to be coming right for this artist. Having played this track to within an inch of its life, I've tried to find something to hang a gripe or moan on I couldn't find a thing I would want doing any differently. It's an energetic, catchy, topical track that has much going for it and shows how fast this artist is expanding his horizons. On a personal note, well done Mat.

Highly Recommended look at current fiscal policy ;)

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