Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can't Stop The Daggers - Go Driving Fast

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When I was but a sprog in the world, my old Ma was forever telling me that if I drove fast I would shoot my eye out, and that's just a measure of the confusion I suffered during my spotty youth. At the same time my ol Da was exhorting me to never, never stare at a horses arse. Quite why he thought I needed that vital nugget of information I still wonder about today while - of course - being careful not to stare at anyone's ass, let alone one from a member of a different species. Now, before this turns into the weirdest Nature program you are ever likely to see, let's find our way out of here and back to normality...and pray that we don't bump into Sir David Attenborough on the way out because he'll start yapping and that's us fuqued...

As it were.

For those people fortunate enough to have already encountered the work of HELLbus, you'll know that Jon Partelow can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to getting a tune right. Stands to reason then that the band he is in (CSTD surprisingly enough) are going to be of the same mind. Joined on Go Driving Fast by Chris Chattom on basses and guitars, this is still a track in progress, live drums are still to be added. So with those craven excuses ringing in our earholes let me just say that the last track I reviewed - High (January 2008) - was exactly that. This is a track I had waited the whole month almost before sampling, saving the best for last.

Suffice to say, I expected much.

I've always liked Jon's instrumental work but hey, the man has a set of pipes on him too. The vocal is the jewel in this particular gaudy trinket, and believe me it's a beauty. Class stuff, no matter what you like. As always, the sheer audio splendour is the most immediate impact, but the underlying song and it's performance is about as good as it gets. I can see myself driving along (trying not to stare at...etc) some lonely highway, with this track cranked right up. The sort of song you sing along to while driving at zillionsMPH on a moonlit night on your way somewhere. The term 'radio-friendly' was coined for a track of this quality. One of the brightest hopes in this genre IMHO.

MUST HAVE indie. Class act.

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