Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tim Turner & Co - Wonder

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I've known of Tim Turner for some time now, first through exposure on Songplanet and then through many other sites - as it should be. This is, after all, a small digital world, and the same names seem to get everywhere - at least everywhere I seem to go anyway. Not that this is a problem when you are dealing with artists of Tim Turners stripe, and a particularly pleasant one if you happen to like seasoned guitar players with a taste for rock. To say nothing of his power vocal style or the equally talented musicians he surrounds himself with. The last track I reviewed Diary Of A Nobody (December 2007) featured no less than five musicians and one of them was the notorious Jim Miller (aka Jim-n-Lisa). Brilliant track, grab it.

And today is something different...

Wonder finds Tim on his lonesome providing music, lyrics, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, vocals and no doubt making his own brew into the bargain. See, nothing is beyond the independent unsigned artist. Recorded again at MTM Studios is a blusey treat that I lapped up like a cat with cream. Haven't been able to check into Songplanet Radio lately but I'd be willing to bet this is getting played to death over there. It has just the right blend of blues and rock to appeal to that hard-bitten audience and considering this is just one guy, it should show you that he's also seriously qualified to deliver exactly as specified.

I've always admired him as a songwriter and on Wonder I am even more enamoured because he explores a musical area another artist has this month, and in much the same style too. A collaboration between Tim Turner and Craig Sofaly (Crockmister) sure would be something to hear. If you don't believe me, listen to the quality and professionalism in this track and then listen to Crockmisters Just My Morning; both great songs in that down-home Louisiana style. Wonder is a little rawer (at least in the intro) but it soon slides into a groove that makes the tune do that peculiar hi-step the genre is famous for.

Someone said 'hey this sounds like Dr John' about the Crockmister track and the same could be said of Tim's Wonder - but they are quite different beasts. Both have much to offer. The main highlights of Wonder were for me the almost-couldn't-get-out-of-bed lope of the track, the excellent musical accompaniment and the warm, friendly tones of Mr Turner that so evokes my own memories of Louisiana and New Orleans in particular. Seems fitting somehow that the genre can help bring the area back to life even if only in memory. Come on, a saucy groove, a smooth-toned lounge lizard and a great song to sing along with? What more could you want?

Highly Recommended Southern Rock.

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