Sunday, March 16, 2008

David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble - Lay Down Your Guns

Hear The Track Here

For any English man or woman, the name of Pendragon is woven into the very structure of our being and usually signifies something special, magical even. King Arthur (he of Excalibur fame) was a Pendragon and we all know how that ended... Anyhow, the reason for this jaunt into myth and history is that here is another Pendragon, and this time from the other side of the world to this sceptered isle. I have been aware of Australian musician David Pendragon through Chris Bishop's POP for a while and I have the vaguest memory of even reviewing something on Soundclick once, but all some time ago.

It was nice to re-acquaint myself with this extremely polished musician. Accompanied here by Ernie Van Veen on acoustic guitar, Kieth Jollief on bass and Donovan Gail on drums, Lay Down Your Guns is a simple, almost folk song that rings every single one of my bells. I had the good fortune in my reckless youth to work with Michael Moorcock and damn me if David Pendragon doesn't sound like a more energetic version of him. As simple as the music is, it's strength comes through in the arrangement and production, and the way the musicians interpret their parts; the drums are particularly strong.

All not a lot of use, IMHO, unless you can back all that good sheeit with the kind of song that is inspirational, as well as being accessible to the majority of listeners. In it's folk rock blend, and the way the vocals provide a great deal of the power of the track. it evokes a great many past hits of the genre and there is much right about that. Ultimately though, its the professional sound and delivery that make this track stand out, and well as a killer song. The chorus has already moved it's furniture and extended family into my head so it looks like a long visit. Not that I am complaining in the slightest.

Knockout folk rock song. MUST HAVE

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