Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Legendary Fred Miller - Jazmin

Hear The Track Here

The latest entry into the ever burgeoning The Legendary Fred Miller (TLFM) archive is (and I quote) 'Ecclectic Jazz instrumentation' or what I fondly refer to as a kitchen sink job. ie throw everything in there :D To be sure Fred is definitely an ecelectic taste as a few have found out, but as I pointed out many times before he has a homespun quirkiness that makes it all work. Honestly, his work is probably not going to set the world on fire but I've developed a soft spot for - as have a few other of my peers - so I guess he's not doing too badly.

Low key is the name of the game here and I'm not talking about a Norse god either..

Fred goes on to describe Jazmin as a 'strange mix of baroque and modern jazz'. Now I don't know about you, but such a description would make me want to listen to the track. I mean how bad could it be? Well, Fred and I have had our timing conversation, and our production conversation and our sound sweetening conversation but hey, the man goes his own way and sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. On Jazmin it works, barely. Still, it is as Fred says just a keyboard excursion and, and on that basis it's very listenable.

Top marks for the clarity of the mix and even some of the sounds used (especially the piano) but ultimately the track will be judged as a reasonable instrumental. If I had to state a preference, I prefer Fred with his 'porch' hat on and this is more like a basement, dead of night jobbie. It's a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of minutes sure enough, but there isn't enough meat on the tracks bones to make it last longer then a few plays. If you like Fred's work it is of interest but I'd say most people will probably miss this one.

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