Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Azoora - Restless

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One of the most significant bands to come out of Soundclick over the last year or two is Azoora, a four peice band that have surprised more than li'l ol' me with their music, not to mention the splendid production values they embody. All of which helped them gain a whole string of Must Haves from this reviewer for the first few tracks I heard, most have which have turned up again on the Tall Tales EP. The EP features Marzipan, Desert Storms and Love Will Find It's Own Way and their respective remixes, it's a free 70MB download from 23 Seconds Netlabel (now there's a neat concept!). If you only manage to download one free artist every once in a while let it be this one because it's about the best there is. I almost reviewed the EP at the end of last month anyway but time prevented it. Probably a good job anyway because I'd have slobbered all over the place again.

MUST HAVE EP though, Got It? Download now.

What I look for most when I am looking for my own personal preferences musically has to be almost perfect in execution and concept and Azoora fill that space up mightily. For my money here is a band that embodies all the finer pop sensibilties that have informed rock based music for the past forty years. Put it like this, I see no shame in saying that the quality of work in Restless is every bit as high as any REAL BIG name like say, the Beatles or Pink Floyd both of which echo throughout this track. Obviously then, thats a really quick sketch and when dealing with this band, it takes time for it all to sink in.

Restless is a brilliant blend of sounds that, to be honest, I wouldn't have said would work together in a month of Sundays but they do. Particularly the eerie Velvet Underground voila sound that skitters across your nerve endings every time you hear it. Like all of Azoora's tracks Restless can take endless playing and still come up with little surprises; perfectly fitting its Psychedelic Rock genre listing. It's a beautifully realised peice of music, no matter what else you call it and here is a track where the vocal really takes centre stage; as indeed it should. All of which makes for a wonderful song.

Brrrrr. MUST HAVE (no question)

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