Thursday, February 28, 2008

dcallen - The Main Intermezzo

Hear The Track Here

Last, but not least, dcallen. Not yer average tail end Charlie though; an artist that 'makes electronic music for people who don't like electronic music' and I'd say that was dead on. I've been a fan for years, the testament being the amount of this artists tracks I have cluttering up me various hoardy things (Ed: I think he means hard drive(s)). Long time member of Soundclick and one of its most successful exponents concerning the old bleepery (Ed: I think he means electronica. I'll get him at the next para...) dcallen was absent for a while but reappeared here in the middle of the year. If you think you know what electronica sounds like, I'm absolutely certain this artists intrepretation will change your mind as it has for some many others (including yours truly).

Ahh, but that was then and this is now.

He's always been a bit of a flash git (Ed: sigh. He means someone smarter than he is) on the musical front, and that's why he has become so well known. dcallen does like to challenge himself and - surprisingly enough - I can't remember all that many times when he didn't deliver over and above. Alongside some stunning tunes ( of which Intermezzo is one btw) Dave (for it is he) also puts ENORMOUS effort into getting everything to sound just so. For me, and a great many of his other fans, it's that attention to audio fidelity that singles this artist out.

Obviously then, The Main Intermezzo is a bit of an ear cuddler, and it's a lot more electronica than other works by this artist. It's a tough, hard edged almost electro-pop style that dcallen effortlessly pours melodies into like a man possessed. Like a great many truly original artists these days(especially on Soundclick), dcallen makes a point of saying that he is only doing this for fun, but the amount of work and effort that goes into making each track tells a different story. Love for the music will do that inspirational thing every time I say. Go on, get spoiled and wallow in a bit of what does you good.

Wide screen magic. MUST HAVE electronica.

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