Friday, March 14, 2008

Johny Vee - If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hear The Track Here

In case some of my more anal readers catch a hissy fit over my spelling let me start off by saying that Johny Vee is entitled to spell his name however he likes. There is an extreme lack of information about him on this site but - from what I can gather - Johny Vee is a country band from the UK. Country and western country even. I know that has raised a few smirks from the many of American musicians around, but what you don't know is the UK has long been a hotbed of local country and western artists. Many of them up to a very high standard.

So nrrr :P

Now the only wasp hanging out at this lovefest, is a particularly aggressive one. I dislike the genre, especially the more saccarine variety that Nashville specialises in. Tain't country, it's pap for the masses. Not all country and western gets my cold shoulder generally but this type always does. Considering all my misgivings, Johny Vee et al make a pretty good job of it, and a favourable first listen. So, that's one hurdle down. Further plays didn't put me off, mostly because the production on this is sooo clean it slides off your ears.

In a good way, obviously.

Johny Vee has a great country voice; deep and authorative and a tone that says 'experienced' in every breath. There is a definite leaning towards the 'soft' Elvis sound rather than the more edgy Johnny Cash variety but, in truth, the vocalist has much of both artists going on in his vocals. Let's face it, the main point of country and western IS the vocals but here both mesh together well enough to even surmount the mountain of predjudice I'd brought to the party. I know there are millions of people who love material like this, so if my descriptions have interested you, do check this artist out. It wouldn't be a waste of time. Accomplished musicians, class production and a terrific song, what more could you want? In a world without predjudice, of course.

Highly Recommended C&W ballad.

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