Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Avalanche - So Fine

Hear The Track Here

Seems like it was only yesterday when I was bending Mike Foster's ear to move over to Soundclick as well as Songplanet, and now look. Everywhere I go I see them. Considering the short time they have been on Soundclick, they seem to have made a very favourable impression. If you have been following this classic rock band along with me you'll be nodding wisely too, because there is no doubt that Soundclick has a big appetite for rock and Avalanche have a burning need to stuff it down our ears. Which is as it should be; the best kind of rock and roll is the kind that picks you up and throws you round the room for kicks.

S'why I'm so bruised...

Nothing like a thick wodge of geetar to apply a little healing balm though, and Avalanche supply not one, but two. Ladles and germs I present Michael Foster (on the left) and Mark Easton (on the right) of your stereo picture. Another feature of Avalanche tracks besides the Rock of Ages has to be the relentless attention to detail in both performance and production which make this bands tracks stand out so. So Fine also relies on yet another classic rock staple being a song about 'that thing that boys and girls do'. And just in case you were wondering, it has nothing to do with vomiting in each others presence, that's a treat reserved for younger siblings.

OK thats sex and rock and roll, now wheres the drugs?

Stupid question really because the music has always been the drug and So Fine satisfies my own rock addiction very nicely, thank you very much. The real problem with reviewing a band as efficent (and proficient) as Avalanche is that you very quickly run out of things to say. How many times can you say ****! in a review anyway? Coming in at a lesuirely six and a bit minutes, So Fine is a rock treat in the grand tradition. Another thing that has really impressed me about this band is that - for a band of Americans - they don't make the American brand of rock. It's either their own or they nicked it from my own motherland. In which case I want it back.

Classic Rock from a classic rock band. Highly Recommended.

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