Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mike-K - Swaying

Hear The Track Here

Oh my God, hide the silver, it's the Germinator!. Zwei on the review list, Mike rushed over in the middle of last weeks Saturday Night Rocks radio proggie on Songplanet; so desperate is he for papparazzi and groupies. I'm joking of course, but not by much. Mike has been going through a marked upsurge in his own music over the past few months and that's a really good thing. As someone whose time is also taken up with endless listening to other peoples music, it's amazing how yours seems to be taking second place. So much so that it's a bit of a struggle to find the time to actually make - let alone perfect - a nice choon or two. Try to remember that when you are next clamouring for a review and/or radio play.

Otherwise I'll have to come over there and give you a slap.

'About as smooth as it gets' Mike chortles in the song comments. That sound that may be registering on your ears as a buzzy thing (Ed: I think he means a mozzie/mosquito) is merely the sound of me grinding my teeth. As you know, smooth and I don't like to even be in the same room. In fact, about the only place I will put up with it is when I know the artist can at least deliver something worth listening to; even while the style is bringing on a case of the galloping heaves. Such has been the case with Mike in the past, and Swaying is a fine example of what Mr Smooth (and the odd accomplice such as Christopher Martin Hansen) can do when pushed.

It's a given that you should like jazzy, radio friendly instrumentals of the type that once expired adopt an afterlife of being elevator music. Ol' 26 Fingers (Ed: (sigh) he means CMH) is well on form, showing off his newly acquired electric guitar style and I have to say - much to my chagrin - that he does a fine job of it. Curse the man. Can he do no wrong? I've always liked the pairing of Mike and Christopher, I think its a combination that works in many ways, even on a track that I would normally cross the street to avoid. If you are a fan of smooth jazzy instrumentals you should slice right off this one its so smooth. Best to wear a helmet and shin guards then I say, or even full body armour if you are a wuss.

Smoooooooooooooooootttttthhhhh. Highly Recommended (even if you hate the genre).

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