Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lost Avenue2 - All The Kings Horses

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Lost Avenue2 is one Chris Burns and several other musicians whose homes are in or around Mesa, AZ, an area where rock bands thrive (Ed: they do?). Now you know I'm partial to a bit of rock and a new experience is never something to run away from. Although, with hindsight, it might have been better if I did run away, but that's another story. As I've mentioned gazillions of times, I find a distinct difference in attitude between rock from the Americas and from (say) the UK. For my money, American rock does tend more towards the whizz-bang, lets see some fireworks but there is nothing wrong with that - provided you can pull it off.

As many bands have found out as the beer cans start flying...

Lost Avenue2's main influence is obviously Green Day (see American rock diatribe above) and again, there is nothing wrong with that so long as the band doesn't actually sound like Green Day. Nope, the vocal on All The Kings Horses is surprisingly low key, none of the usual ball-bursting screeching I usually associate with the other side of the pond. Moreover, All The Kings Horses is a decent, workmanlike rock work out that should find a good few takers, especially if you like for there to be a point to a track.

Whenever this came up on the playlist as I reviewed it, I was assailed by images of Adam and The Ants and Tenpole Tudor in their heyday, because that's what this sounds like to me more than any other influence. Now I happened to like all that fun stuff, and I like this fun stuff too although on reading the lyrics, it's subject matter might not be anywhere near as jolly. 'bout some very bad guys' Chris says in the song comments but thankfully the music doesn't have the same threatening overtone and - I believe - it's better for it. Very nice introduction to a new artist (at least to me)

Recommended kinda punk rock blend.

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