Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Unwashed and Dazed - Staring Into Infinity

Hear The Track Here

A few words of explanation because you are probably having some whoodiefuq moments right around now. AFAIK, The Unwashed and Dazed are new to Soundclick and to me. Certainly not a bandname you are likely to forget in a hurry. For the first twenty years of my life, I thought that was my name too, but that's a whole other story. An Alternative musician from Florida (which does seem to churn out musicians) gives us 'a murder song with lots of guilt'. Ooh goody exactly what I need to relax with.

I have to say that it certainly doesn't sound murderous, but there again that's difficult when it's just a guitar and vocals coming up with the menacing bits. As such, I can't really say that I would consider this alternative so much as folk really and certainly, definitely acoustic in every form. Nothing wrong with that of course, so long as you have a decent song to back it up with and That's It I've Had Enough is a reasonable song; although the arrangement is as loose as a goose.

Henry Harrington (aka U&D) has a good voice which this obviously home recorded track merely hints at, all delivered in a tone similar to (say) Neil Young. As always, its tremendously hard to make something more of a guitar and vocals, but this track would hold up its end against a good many in the acoustic field. For my money though, there is a bit too much guitar padding out the song itself and that guitar padding just wasn't interesting enough to keep up the tension the vocal sections worked in. Still, early days yet...

Loose (but engaging) acoustic song.

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