Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Antennaheadz - Rosie Step Away From The TV

Hear The Track Here

Yep, another month, another Antennaheadz. Can't say the guy is not punctual, every month right one the dot up comes another slice of the world according to Thomas J, supreme overlord and ruler of The Antennaheadz and sundry other races. I know it's waaay too much information but Thomas really hit my musical G spot last year with a couple of tracks - Loveless Blues (October 2007) and Mr Panache (November 2007) - and since then I've been expecting big things. And I guess that's the problem with hitting it right because The Antennaheadz seem to have veered away from that path, at least with the last couple of releases.

There again, he was always an awkward cuss...

Another track from the new album In The End, We're All People, Rosie Step Away From The TV shows again that Thomas J can change direction on a dime. The funny thing is, and I know Thomas will understand this comment, on my first listening I could have sworn I was listening to a track from Shorthand Phonetics. Believe me, it can't get much further from Thomas' electronic experimental. Why I could even swear I could hear a (whatever happened to?) Big Ship influence in there too. So, lo-fi grunge rock is the name of the game this time out and I have to say I was up for it. See, this is a difficult thing to pull off at the best of times.

Nonetheless, to give the artist his due, he pulls it off in his usual (casual, offhand) trick and makes it happen. I assume that all we hear is from the mind and fingers of Thomas J and, given the lo-fi genre, his playing makes a decent enough backing for (I again presume) his own vocals. There's even a tasty backwards lead somewhere in the mix and - surprise - a chorus that may well grow on you as fast as it did on me.

So, keywords: lo-fi, irreverent and IMHO very charming. Recommended Alternative rock.

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