Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cameron Pierce - Cognitive Vacuum

Hear The Track Here

Cameron Pierce (or Latmat for those with long Soundclick memories) has long been a cherished favourite of mine and - I suspect - many other SC old-timers. Obviously having a good few years of making and releasing tracks online under your belt is only going to help in the long run, musically as well as socially. Fact is, Cameron has hardly put a foot wrong ever since I first met him reviewing The Road Is Long (I Need You) (November 2003), a very Beatle inspired track that I still dig out every once in a while. See, the great thing about all this artists tracks is that they are made to sing along to, in much the same way as yer Beatles tunes... But that's also denying the strong West Coast influence courtesy of Neil Young, CSN and (gulp) The Eagles.

Yeah, pretty singing. Gotta love it.

Having said all that, Cameron doesn't acknowlege any of the artists I've mentioned as influences and, truth to tell, Cognitive Vacuum doesn't even sound like the Cameron we know. What it does show is just how advanced he has become; a sophisticated, complex songwriter than can turn a few words into an epic ramble through the last thirty years of rock music. I have to say that this track took a long time to settle into my head, and that is definitely not usual for this artist. I think it's because it is such a massive departure from his usual ouvre (Ed: Oi!! No French please) and it will come as a pleasant surprise to those people who have discovered this excellent Canadian musician.

It was only when I was coming to the end of the review process and sitting down to actually write this when something that had been puzzling me finally clicked. All the way through something, some vague memory had been tugging at me saying that I should PAY ATTENTION. It's only now that I realised I had been thinking about 1970's band Klaatu (also from Canada as it happens) and that is what this track most reminds me of; in structure, sound and instrumentation. As I said, a major departure for Cameron but one, when the dust settles, that I am more than willing to explore with him. A massive step, taken perfectly.

Highly recommended Rock and an absolute MUST HAVE for fans.

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