Friday, March 14, 2008

Tedd-Z - Senseless Logic

Hear The Track Here

It's always best, I have found, to be wary of an approaching Tedd-Z track because sometimes Tedd-Z can be a can I put this? Edgy? Maniacal? Profoundly disturbing? Yep, he can be all those things and more as I've discovered in the years I have known his work. That comment should at least give you one clue; anyone who has been doing this for years HAS to have something going for them and - surprisingly enough - so does Tedd-Z. OK, his more outre works can be a bit baffling but Tedd-Z has also been known to deliver some memorable tunes so it's always worth a listen to a new one.

Providing you are wearing your mental baffles of course....

Senseless Logic finds our Tedd messing 'bout in my backayard, dubbing it up mon. Or at least that's the underlying theme going on in this excellent dancehall flavoured glitch hop peice. A new direction for this artist certainly but one he has been working towards for some considerable time; the last few tracks have hinted at a much more musical approach in his works, and I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I never envisaged the impact such a beast would have on me because, after all, I have been castigating this artist for years about this or that. Fact of the matter is, Senseless Logic is a faultless track, and - for my money - possibly one of the most innovative tracks I am going to hear this year.

Having dabbled in Dancehall dub myself more than a few times, I know exactly (nay painfully) just how hard it is to get right. Not only has Tedd-Z got the feel bang on, he's does it with the neatest electronica twist and an MC vocal that is nothing less than inspired. You won't be able to understand a fekkin word of course, this is glitch hop remember, but I guarantee you will not be worried about that. What you'll be doing is grooving snake-hipped to this infernal beat, wondering at how such an odd peice could possibly sound so amazing. That, my friends, is the Tedd-Z effect and Senseless Logic is undoubtedly his finest hour.

MUST HAVE electronic dancehall dub. Honest!! Killer.

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