Sunday, March 23, 2008

Superbron - Still Wondering Why

Hear The Track Here

Superbron and I have clashed quite a few times about what works and what doesn't and - more power to him - he takes it on the chin and keeps right on anyway. That's the way it should be I reckon. After, I don't expect any of us is going to get rich and famous from what we do here, so we may as well get it in terms of musical satisfaction. Which means we - as musicians - generally tend to please ourselves first and, maybe, listeners second. See, that is always the problem with musicians, they tend to go overboard unless shaped somehow. Which is why I suggested, in my last review of this artist, that he needs a producer more than anything else.

and now here he is Still Wondering Why :D

Being a 'whatever comes along' reviewer means that I have to take genres I wouldn't normally listen to, and a lot of Superbron's work also falls into that category. Still Wondering Why is, for example, 'a sad song about a lost love' and songs exactly that. Officially billed as Pop: General, I'd say that was about as good as any, although it's well over to the safe side of the genre for my tastes. Have to say though that Superbron does a sterling job on the vocals managing to sound like Paul McCartney in his warm and cuddly mode.

One of our previous bones of contention has been the way his music can often be almost haphazard in its arrangements, and Still Wondering Why is a classic example of it. The song emerges through a series of stages, not all of them coherent although the whole does carry a kinda/sorta charm. Its again the flaws that outweigh the positives because, while you listen you get the impression Superbron knows his stuff, and then he goes and makes basic errors in tuning/timing that make you go eh? eh? eh? Where? The strings are a glaring example of it, some of the vocal pitches need seriously looking at. On the other hand, it DOES sound like McCartney so I'm sure there will be some takers. As it happens, I did manage to listen to it several times without apparent damage and that makes a change.

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