Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fluidity - Hostile Takeover

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At this stage of the game, you'd have to say that the one thing John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) specialises in is consistency; in approach, in style and in performance. You know what you are getting, at least if you are even aware of this NZ based musician. Guitar based alternative rock is the field he frolics in, and I'm here to tell you he's bloody good at it too. Took me a while to perfect the taste but the recent string of really excellent tracks over the past year has been an eye opener, and not just for me. Fluidity has a surprising amount of listeners and a willing audience for his special brand of rock.

But uh oh.... what's this....

Alternative grunge is what the label says and - as ever - it's John Paul's special take on it. See, no matter what he does it still sounds like Fluidity doing grunge :) Aah, but is it believeable? Weeeeeelll (waggles hand) mebbe. Depends. Tut, tut, here I am prevaricating again. It'll never do. Honestly, Hostile Takeover took me a bit by surprise, it took me a while before it dawned on Bozo the Clown (Ed: he refers to himself) that the sound and temper of the song are intentional. See, you don't expect a musician as accomplished as JP to be as rough as a bears rear end but credit where credit is due, he manages it here.

There again, bit of a rock/hardplace thing though. As I say, I'm a big fan but I found the first few plays awkward, letting the track sink into my brain before trying to pick it up, if you know what I mean. Time, as usual, worked its wonders and I could see what was happening and - as I say - it still sounds enough like Fluidity it doesn't make any difference. Where this track really scored for me was in the immaculate sounds on display and the clear, punchy mix he has made his own sound. Takes a bit of work but is well worth the effort.

Another classic Fluidity track. Highly Recommended Grunge (is it really though?)

This man needs his own category!!

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